Posted by: navarblog | October 7, 2012

How Can I Make Physics, Anatomy, and Physiology Fun?

How Can I Make Physics, Anatomy, and Physiology Fun?

This is the question  on my mind for a couple of weeks. I am teaching 7th Life Science, 8th Earth Science, 9th Physical Science, 10th Biology, 11th-12th Physics as well as Anatomy/Physiology. Even though I teach all of those classes, the class sizes are between 6 students and 9 students. It is my second year of teaching, but first time teaching Physics, Anatomy and Physiology.

A physics student told me that it was difficult learning physics from me. I ask if it was easier learning from Sal Khan, she indicated that that was difficult as well, so at least I am in good company. I have been using as part of my class. At this point the textbooks that I have dictate most of my method. All the texts, except Physics and Anatomy/Physiology, include fun interactive methods of learning. Should I order a cadaver?

Any thoughts on what to do are welcome. Thank you.



  1. There’s gotta be some way to make physics fun! Now what’s physics? :+)

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