Posted by: navarblog | August 8, 2012

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For at least 18 years there has been proof to any guy capable of seeing the progression of panties. Not underwear….panties….a sexy little word, don’t you think?

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  1. So does that mean if it keeps getting warmer we will have a bunch of people walking around nakid or comando? Or maybe blummers will come back in style.

  2. I would agree. Is it bad, that with that line of thinking, I am voting for global warming.

    • That’s funny :+) I think I’ve heard that skirts get shorter when the economy is not doing well. Interesting how fashion is always changing.

  3. Amazing!!! The evidence was right there all along. Scientists researching global warming could’ve saved a fortune if they just looked at the knickers size decrease

    • thanks for stopping by Tony.

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