Posted by: navarblog | June 10, 2012

Whirl Wind

Winds of change blew into our lives

shipping supervisor

for custom door company

to electrical assembly

to laid off.

Back to school

for secondary education degree

2 years done.

Off to teach in a small Montana town

long year of ups and downs,

small town not as friendly

as one would think.

Lessons learned

many still to learn.

Our friend the dog

didn’t do well with the move

ended the school year

with her leaving

to chase grasshoppers in the sky.

A week later father dies after

battling pancreatic cancer

for only 4 months.

Held on for 2 more weeks of teaching.

Then fun road trip to the brothers dairy.

Now back at old place,

left sparse when we left last August,

need to prepare to sell it.

Started a pre-calculus class

seemed to have forgotten

the algebra I took 2 summers ago.

It was sunny where we were,

here in the Flathead Valley,

lush and green,

it is grey and raining.



  1. Wonderful sriting Navar! :+) Funny the last two weeks of school seemed like longer like a couple of months maybe because it was so difficult. It is so green here this spring it almost hurts your eyes.

    • An interesting balance between the green and the grey.
      I am proud of your writing and photography.
      It is inspiring to watch your joy when doing them.
      Keep up the good work.

      • Thank You That is sweet. I sure have enjoyed it.

  2. Good job, thou poet.

    • Thanks, thou webdoc.

  3. Nicely written Navar. As I mentioned to Starla, so sorry to hear about your Dad. Please accept my deepest condolences

  4. Thank you very much. It is strange loosing him and dog at the same time. It makes it a bit difficult at times. Thanks for kind words and condolences. Your funny cartoons make me laugh which helps. Keep up the good work.

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