Posted by: navarblog | March 19, 2012

Snow Day Yeah!

Horses kick up your heels a blizzard is here.

It was a great weekend. It was mostly sunny, warm, and the land was brown up to the snowy mountains. We played a lot and I didn’t get my lessons and grading done. Was kind of hoping for a snow day. Sunday afternoon on our way back from hanging up blue bird nests, on fence posts along the cow pastures, we saw a horse running and kicking its heels up and Starla said something like, “There is a storm coming, animals seem to know.”
Well when I walked into school today they said, “No school. One bus went off of the road.” There were no kids in the bus, but that along with the blowing snow, gave us a snow day, yeah. Now I just need to focus and ‘get-er-done’. Wait why am I blogging? Oops. “Have a great day! or not. It’s up to you.”



  1. Funny! Why am I blogging! Because it’s there the posts becon to be read. Great pictures of the dancing horses. Thanks for the mention I love to watch horses when they run arcoss the fields kicking up the heals. They can feel the storm in the air before we can. :+) Snow Day sad to hear about the bus going off the road, glad I decided to stay home. I can always go to town tomorrow.

  2. Thanks starla. How r u doing?

  3. That is an awesome & beautiful photo Navar. So glad there were no kids on the school bus. I don’t know how you cope with the cold in your part of the world. We only get snow up in the highlands here but it still gets cold enough for me. We rarely get below -2C. “There’s a storm coming” reminds me of the final scene in Terminator where Sarah Connor is at a petrol station in the middle of nowhere & there’s dark clouds approaching. A kid says to her “There’s a storm coming” & knowing what the future will bring when the machines will rise up against humanity she replies “I know” and drives off into the distance…
    Putting your blog into my rss reader

    • tks. We are off to the big city. thanks much for stopping by. more later.

  4. First of all Thank you for visiting my blog. And Thank you for this beautiful photograph… I loved these horses in the snowy day… Such an amazing composition… Have a nice day, with my love, nia

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