Posted by: navarblog | November 7, 2010

Clay pots with 2nd 3rd graders

I am student teaching and decided to build clay pots with 2nd 3rd graders. I realize now that the pot is to advanced for them. There was about 16 of them. I mean there is about 16 of them. Every time I turned around it was Mr., turn, Mr… turn yes, Mr….. “Ok, raise your hand if you need help.” I was kind of winging it. Their little hands can not move the clay like me, so need to rethink it. Perhaps a pinch pot would be better.



  1. Hi Navar. Their little hands were probably enjoying playing with the wet clay. I remember making things out of clay when I was a little kid. I made an ashtray once that Mum & Dad kept for many years. Funny thing was neither of them smoked. How times have changed as you couldn’t imagine teachers encouraging 2nd or 3rd graders to make an ashtray these days.

    • They did seem to really be enjoying themselves. I love working with clay, so thought they would. I wanted them to make little sculptures (abstract), but the teacher hinted that it should look like something. My original idea was to let them have fun. Working with clay is a kin to playing in a mud puddle when I was a kid.
      Maybe that is what I will do, ashtrays. ok just kidding. Maybe extra change bowl. Have a good one.

  2. Hey good looking, it would be nice to hear what your up to I know your busy teaching but maybe a new post now and then? What do you think?

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