Posted by: navarblog | September 19, 2010

Four prop Helicopter

This looks like fun. A four prop Helicopter, the Parrot AR.Drone.

Here is a review.



  1. What a great little machine. Looks like fun, I want one. I like the cover that clips around it so if you hit something you don’t break the props.

    P.S. I hate the LOGOUT BUTTON to the left of the comment box on this particular theme. I don’t know how many times on different blogs with this theme I’ve clicked that without realising till too late that it isn’t the submit comment button. I just did it again a moment ago & had to log back in & type my comment all over again

    Sorry about LOGOUT BUTTON should I change themes? By the way, Black Bear taste like Pork

  2. Cool Videos Navar! Looks like a fun toy. I agree with Tony on the logout box I’ve hit that on other blogs and it can be really frustrating. One of the nice things about the future is what kind of things are invented.

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