Posted by: navarblog | July 25, 2010

Montana Waterfall

High school buddy was in town and said lets do a hike. I said, “Ok, but not to far because my knee hurts.” He said, “Ok, but I forgot my heart medication, so don’t let me walk to fast.”
Nothing like a good laugh as you grow older.



  1. Beautiful little waterfall Navar. Doesn’t getting older & the restrictions it imposes on our bodies really suck???

  2. Yes. Now I understand: why people want to bottle youth, search for the fountain of youth, and wear diapers.

  3. I’m not sure we WANT to wear diapers so much as we HAVE to wear diapers … 😉

    bummer. well, sorry to bring that up.

  4. Hills never seemed so steep when I was a young un and a mile seemed not so long then as it does now !

  5. Hey, how about a new post? ;+) Gone hiking lately? Actually I know the answer to that Q. nope. :+)

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