Posted by: navarblog | February 28, 2009

Wake up early

Into the last day of February I go. Awakened at 444am by the cats who were used to waking up at 4 am to get fed. It has been nearly two months since I have been laid off and have yet to get them to sleep in till noon, or at least something more reasonable, like 10ish ok 8ish. When I was getting up on purpose at 4am, it felt like finally I was impressing by dad (the man that adopted and raised me). He would ask me what is the best time to call you, “Oh well, any time after 4am would be fine.” “4am, oh yea, thats good.” I guess that was a little better than the days of, “Just don’t call me before noon, thank you.”

This reminds me of Starla’s favorite story of the two farmers that were always competing to see who could get up the earliest. Because that would mean that they were the hardest working. Finally when the one farmer was up in the middle of the night visiting, “aunt suzies” (a phrase an aunt used to use when she had to go to the bathroom)”, he turned the light on in the kitchen and went back to bed.

The whole notion that getting up early somehow makes you a better person, must come from the old phrase, “the early bird gets the worm”. Actually it is my preference to sleep in a little and stay up a little later. Some morning I get up around 4ish and feed the cats and the dog and go back to bed. Stay tuned for, “Cat gets the dog to growl, so that I wake up.”

Well this is my first post. I don’t promise to be as faithful as my wife starla is about daily posts and following up on comments, but I just wanted to occasionally jump in on the fun.

Cool House.



  1. I Love that story! Look forward to reading lots more. Fun blog glad to see your blogging.

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