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Amazing: Montana from the sky.

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How Can I Make Physics, Anatomy, and Physiology Fun?

How Can I Make Physics, Anatomy, and Physiology Fun?

This is the question  on my mind for a couple of weeks. I am teaching 7th Life Science, 8th Earth Science, 9th Physical Science, 10th Biology, 11th-12th Physics as well as Anatomy/Physiology. Even though I teach all of those classes, the class sizes are between 6 students and 9 students. It is my second year of teaching, but first time teaching Physics, Anatomy and Physiology.

A physics student told me that it was difficult learning physics from me. I ask if it was easier learning from Sal Khan, she indicated that that was difficult as well, so at least I am in good company. I have been using as part of my class. At this point the textbooks that I have dictate most of my method. All the texts, except Physics and Anatomy/Physiology, include fun interactive methods of learning. Should I order a cadaver?

Any thoughts on what to do are welcome. Thank you.

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Okay, it is true that I like the videos by Mr. Andersen  of He has many science education videos / podcasts and I plan to use them in my classroom, when I can. The one I used today was about metacognition-thinking or learning about learning Yesterday had students  use the VARK webpage to discover their modality (learning style). Does anyone know a better, preferably free, modality test?

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Biology Class As A Video Game?

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SwittersB & Exploring

For at least 18 years there has been proof to any guy capable of seeing the progression of panties. Not underwear….panties….a sexy little word, don’t you think?

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Flathead Lake Monster

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Flathead Lake

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Whirl Wind

Winds of change blew into our lives

shipping supervisor

for custom door company

to electrical assembly

to laid off.

Back to school

for secondary education degree

2 years done.

Off to teach in a small Montana town

long year of ups and downs,

small town not as friendly

as one would think.

Lessons learned

many still to learn.

Our friend the dog

didn’t do well with the move

ended the school year

with her leaving

to chase grasshoppers in the sky.

A week later father dies after

battling pancreatic cancer

for only 4 months.

Held on for 2 more weeks of teaching.

Then fun road trip to the brothers dairy.

Now back at old place,

left sparse when we left last August,

need to prepare to sell it.

Started a pre-calculus class

seemed to have forgotten

the algebra I took 2 summers ago.

It was sunny where we were,

here in the Flathead Valley,

lush and green,

it is grey and raining.

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Our Friend Is Chasing Butterflies in Doggy Heaven

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Sixty Dollars and a Fishing Pole

It is Saturday and was sitting in chair, laptop on lap, surfing away.

Knock, knock on the door, “Are you the teacher that wanted some fire-wood?”, said the scruffy grey haired man with the weathered face.

“Yes, I am.”

“Well we got a truck load for $80.”  

“Oh, well I have $60 cash, and I could get the rest later, or write you a check.”

“You got anything to trade? We still do that in America, ya know. Maybe a pair of shoes or a fishing pole.”

“Oh, I might have a fishing pole.” After rustling around in the storage shed, “How about this fishing pole and reel?”  “That’ll do.”

 “Ok, can you throw the wood over the fence.”  “Yep.” 

It hit 70 degrees F today, the snow here is gone and the grass is greening up. In light of that it seems a bit silly, to buy firewood. Starla helped me stack it on the porch. I would say it is about 3/4 of a cord of dry split larch and fur.  In January a long term weather forecaster said that April was going to be cold and snowy, so I now feel prepared. If not it will be here for next year or I could always sell it for 60 dollars and a fishing pole.

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